The other day my friend asked me why I wanted  to learn, in her words “horse manicures”.  The question caught me slightly off guard and I did not have a great response and chalked it up to my long time love for horses.

Today I have a better answer:

While at the barn, I Trimmed a horse who is the sweetest school pony you have ever met.  When I started on her feet I noticed that they had been badly bruised due to her pinched bars.   After I finished on her first foot I noticed that she started to lick, chew and yawn.  When I started on her other foot, she began to nuzzle the back of my neck whenever I was in reach.  When I was finished she let out several large sigh’s as if to so thank you.

Giving a horse a natural barefoot trim is so much more than providing a manicure.

The right trim can bring function and comfort to the horse’s hooves.  This is why I have chosen this career, I love helping the horses who give so much to us and Learning the art, science and trade of natural hoof care is a way that I can help our equine partners.