I am excited to announce that this coming summer I will be participating in a personalized reading course through Trent University’s Sustainable Agriculture program.  The course’s title : The Equine Hoof and Distal Limb.  One aspect of this course is to complete summaries of a variety of peer reviewed articles, I will provide these summaries on this blog.

As I am currently in an apprentice phase of becoming a barefoot trimmer, this course is supplementary to other learning opportunities that I am currently undergoing in order to serve your horse best.


This course will provide an understanding to a variety of topics related to the equine hoof and distal limb.  This course will explore the anatomy and functions of the equine hoof and distal limb, blood flow and filtering through the lamanae.    This course will explore the symptoms, causes and treatment for a variety of common ailments such as laminitis and founder, navicular disease and strained or damaged tendons and ligaments.  This course will also explore how various trimming and shoeing methods will impact the health of the horse.

Goals and outcomes for the course

  1. Have a clear understanding of hoof anatomy and function
  2. Have the ability to explain the symptoms, causes and treatments for several hoof ailments
  3. Understand how to ‘read’ a hoof in order to determine if it is in good health
  4. Understand the trimming or shoeing methods that can provide optimal health for a variety of horses

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